2024 Edition

Multicultural teams to create innovative solutions

Morocco Edition

Entrepreneurship promotion program:

In this 2024 edition, the program is focused on researchers and students from the three participating Universities, preferably with an orientation towards entrepreneurship and innovation. In addition, they will be complemented by entrepreneurs from startups and spinoffs from other non-university contexts. Working teams will be formed to create innovative solutions to common challenges in the Canary Islands and Morocco in the water, energy and health sectors.

The projects with the greatest potential and viability will receive additional support to access funding and become an entrepreneurial initiative.

What Water/Energy/Health challenges will we address in this issue?

We will find out soon

Coming soon

Fases del Programa

Communication of the ACC program and its collaborating partners.

África Canarias
Communication of the ACC program and its collaborating partners.

Call for evaluation and selection of program participants

África Canarias

Scientific and technological capabilities

Presentation of the scientific and technological capabilities of the collaborating universities in order to identify synergies and points of common interest for connection and collaboration.

Approaches and models followed by the collaborating universities

Presentation of the approaches and models followed by the collaborating universities when dealing with knowledge and technology transfer, applied research and entrepreneurship in the university context.

Presentation of the scientific, technological and social challenges

Presentation of the scientific, technological and social challenges defined, the work mechanics to be followed by the collaborative teams and the results to be achieved.

Round table and launching

Creation of work teams distributed in the areas of water, energy and health, focused on developing projects or collaborative actions between the Canary Islands and Morocco in order to solve the established challenges.

Accompaniment and mentoring

Implementation of an accompaniment and mentoring program covering areas identified as critical to lay the foundations for collaboration and generate the initial and necessary momentum for the projects.

Atlantic África Startup Forum III

Final event to present the results obtained and the collaboration models implemented, as well as to highlight the existing opportunities to boost cooperation with Africa around science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Awarded projects

Initial selection of one or two of the projects, preferably based on their business potential and viability and their collaborative prospects between the Canary Islands and Morocco, with financial support aimed at ensuring their continuation and facilitating their transformation into a startup or spinoff.
AF Challenge - mano - blanco

Africa Canarias Challenge

The Africa Canarias Challenge (ACC) is a social innovation program, sponsored by the General Directorate for Economic Affairs with Africa of the Government of the Canary Islands, that brings together young people from different countries to respond to common challenges existing in their communities through the co-creation of impactful solutions.

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